Counting the Costs of Divorce

Divorce LawChoosing divorce is never easy, but once you’ve reached that decision it’s wise to review the costs involved.

Remember, the most expensive costs have nothing to with money, and everything to do with people, relationships, and how your life changes once you’ve initiated divorce proceedings.

Just as surprising is the fact that these costs are commonly overlooked due to the more tangible elements of the divorce proceedings. One of the first areas to consider is your emotional state.

During the course of a divorce, emotions run very high for a very long time, and this constant state of unrest takes its toll. There’s nothing wrong with experiencing the full spectrum of emotions, but remember that each one will be magnified, and seem overwhelming.

The emotional cost of a divorce could leave you feeling drained and unable to muster the strength you need to face everyday situations. You can lessen the impact by separating yourself from highly emotional settings, and allow a third party to handle them.

Besides the emotional cost, the experience of divorce impacts your relationships outside of the one with your former spouse. Divorce can be like a large stone dropped in a small pond, the ripples spread out and affect everything.

The most prevalent relationships are those with your children. The cost associated with this particular area comes at a high price. Explain to your children that they’re not at fault and give them time to process everything.

Sometimes, giving them the right amount of space can defuse a situation that threatens to become a negative experience. Come back and talk with them when the dust has settled.

Family relationships are always strained during a divorce, and they might never return to their former state. While there’s no quick fix to these problems, if you show restraint when dealing with family members, reconciling in the future will be easier.

Relationships aren’t the only cost you’ll be dealing with as you proceed through your divorce. Your time quickly evaporates as you’re forced to handle various proceedings and processes – some of which might rob you of time you would spend at work, with your family, or simply enjoying your life.

This “time tax” has a way of quickly adding up, and there are only so many instances where your bosses, coworkers and others who depend on you give you the benefit of the doubt.

These unseen costs associated with divorce may seem overwhelming, but having someone on your side that is objective, experienced, and knowledgeable of the law can bring needed relief.

The right divorce lawyer can quickly relieve the magnitude of your current situation in a variety of ways. For instance, your counsel provides objective personal advice that’s not swayed by personal feelings.

In addition, your lawyer has the ability to deal with your ex-spouse’s lawyer, and handle the many different legal proceedings. Acting as your legal shield, your lawyer saves you time, stress, and worry.

You’ll also see the benefits of your lawyer’s network of professionals who can help you with everything from your finances to your health. You won’t have to waste time tracking down advisors and experts, your lawyer handles that.

Finally, having a divorce lawyer on your side increases your chances of receiving fair and honest treatment when the divorce is granted. Areas such as child custody, visitation rights, dividing finances, and other crucial topics should be handled by an expert.

The costs of a divorce are wide-ranging, but many can be held to a minimum by hiring a competent, dedicated divorce lawyer.


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